How to Optimize Leads from Digital Marketing and Media

Optimization of leads and digital marketing traffic

Business owners generally fall into 2 categories: ones that utilize digital media and marketing and ones that don’t think it works.  Overall, these 2 categories can be explained by the info graphic above; the owners who utilize digital marketing consistently have seen group “A”, the owners who don’t have mostly seen group “D”.  It is […]

Faith Kolberg - Business Development Coordinator


Enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and visiting local coffee shops! 

Lisa Annunziata - Director Of Operations


I am a God-fearing mother! I love me some cats. My family keeps me going, I love to be in the sun and just really enjoy life wherever I am and no matter the situation!

Crysta Geis - President/Founder of Ad-ios


Mom of 3 and Nana to one grandbaby so I’m obsessed with my little family whether it be at the baseball fields or on the lake my kids keep me on the go 24/7. Anytime we get away from the kids we love to travel.