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3 Things That Bad Marketers Tell You


We’ve all seen them,  the posts on social media about how every marketing company is better than the other.  Some of the companies will tell you that you need more networked leads.  Some companies tell you that you need less networked leads but more impression groups.  Then here comes the “seo/blogging is dead” pitch or the here’s how I made a million dollars with this one tool.  So who is right?  Do you need SEO or is it dead?  Where do real leads come from?  The real answer is, it depends.  That might make you roll your eyes but let’s talk a little about what bad marketers say and then it might become clearer.

  1. You don’t need “xyz” it’s dead.

We all know that certain forms of communication are dead.  No one uses a switchboard phone like in an old Andy Griffith episode.  Since search engines, smart phones and social media have been around for many years now, everyone has become comfortable with these things.  This means that everyone is consuming media each day, tons of it.  The way each person uses digital media is different.  In the same way that some people like to read to relax and others rarely read, some users like to have information served to them differently than others.  Thus, this is why all of the algorithms have been developed by companies like Google and Facebook; to give you what you want.  So the truth is, that for your industry, a specific medium might be dead or at least not widely used any longer.  In this case, you must find where consumers now get the information they were getting the old way, and serve it to them.  Adapting is the name of the game now.  Google makes so many changes, so often, that companies like SEMrush have developed a sensor that looks like this, to predict Google changes:

Good marketers know that each client takes a thorough investigation.  What works well for you might be terrible for someone else.

        2. Certifications don’t matter.

While to some degree this can be true, you need to take some time to evaluate what is being certified and where it comes from.  Here is a great example, I’m going to take 5 minutes while writing this blog and become “certified”.  (insert a 5 min break)

blog writing certification and digital content creation lexington and nicholasville ky

Look this is now a certified “premium quality” blog.  Aren’t you impressed?  (Although I do have to admit, adding that badge gave me an easy way to boost the SEO of the article.)  We both understand though, hopefully, that the above certification means nothing.  The content doesn’t actually have increased meaning or weight.  There are hundreds of marketing certifications out there.  Many companies will offer certifications in their own products to increase the draw to use them.  The important thing to note here is that there are many certifications that DO mean something BUT the knowledge has to be relevant.  Remember when you were in school and there were classes where you didn’t have to really study to get a good grade?  Then on the flip side, there were others where you did your very best but couldn’t get high marks.  The same applies to the certifications marketers say they have.  The proof is in their work and their explanation.  Ask your marketer how they will use the certification to gain you more clients or increase your digital identity.  If they don’t have a clear answer, then this isn’t the person you should be working with.  Good marketers know exactly what they will do, because they’ve done it and been successful many times.

           3. We have the secret, enroll to find out.

This is one of the best ones.  If you knew someone who you could give $100 to and then they would give you back $500, how many people do you think would want to do it?  There would be a line of people behind you waiting.  The person wouldn’t have to go on social media and advertise, they would just be in demand.  Agencies can create some flashy videos, tell you all about how they care or will build your business. They can promise you that you will rank first page on Google and that suddenly you will be stronger than all your competitors.  Ask for proof.  Not the kind of proof where the statistics are made up but from real people running businesses like you.  Ultimately, if you spend a little time you can find out is an agency is successful by their clients.  The clients will speak highly of them and the agency will always have transparent, clear answers to your questions while being in demand.

Your spend a lot of time, money and effort on your business.  Everyone can’t specialize in everything, that’s why we have such a diversified economy.  Digital marketing , SEM, SEO, website development, social media and creative design/reporting all all necessary for your survival as a company.  The tools you can use WILL be different based on your industry.  Do you feel like you have the expertise to do it on your own, or would you like a trusted partner to help?



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