Advertising Agency Lexington, KY

Advertising Agency Lexington KY

You won’t believe all the things AD-IOS can do for your company as your advertising agency. Lexington, KY business owners have relied on us for 20-plus years for exceptional ad campaigns, brilliant marketing insights, and stunning creative services. We are a one-stop source for advertising across industries, serving small and large companies around the country. Whether you are in the market for online display targeting, social media ads, or video pre-roll, our savvy consultants will help you succeed. Explore our site to see everything we have to offer.

The Only Advertising Agency Lexington, KY Business Owners Need


Are you sick of getting phone calls from multiple media reps? We understand! AD-IOS has consultants who will manage traditional media buys on your behalf, freeing up room in your marketing budget and taking the pressure off your team. We can help secure contracts for television ads, video pre-roll productions, billboards, newspapers, print brochures, radio ads, and more. We are seasoned traditional media consultants as well as internet marketing experts – truly an all-in-one advertising agency in Lexington, KY. Learn more about our traditional media buys.

At a loss when it comes to creating content? AD-IOS has you covered with creative services. We have a team of in-house graphic designers ready to help you create visually stunning and effective logos, printed products, stationary, labels, brochures, advertisements, websites, videos, emails, and more. You speak directly to the person doing the actual designing on your project, ensuring no inconvenient miscommunications through the grapevine. We help develop your brand, making your company more professional and different from the competition. Creative services are one way we help you handle advertising.

AD-IOS also supplies a wide range of internet marketing solutions, including online display targeting. Read about this service. We help you create optimized banner ads using behavior targeting, advanced audience targeting, and programmatic advertisements. Our team will help you understand who your ideal audience is, how to reach specific groups of people online, and how to deliver your ads seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms.

Online display targeting offers a host of potential benefits for your company, from addressing an ultra-specific audience to retargeting people who previously visited your site. AD-IOS is the only advertising agency Lexington, KY business owners need.

Enjoy a Free Consultation with Our Advertising Agency!

AD-IOS is in the business of helping other businesses succeed. From employing the brightest minds in the industry to offering myriad digital media services from one central location, we make advertising as convenient, efficient, and affordable as possible for our clients. One of the ways we enable companies to be their best is through our free consultations. That’s right – you can meet with our advertising agency in Lexington, KY completely free.

During your consultation, you will discuss your advertising goals and company history. Our savvy consultants will then recommend specific products or services to boost consumer engagement and advertisement success rates. When you want to work with a company that truly cares about your success, contact AD-IOS. To hear more about our advertising agency, Lexington, KY citizens can call (859) 429-0060.


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