Advertising Grants for Non-Profits

Google Adwords

$10,000 in FREE AdWords money for ALL qualifying Non-Profits NEEDS to be PROFESSIONALLY managed or you’ll LOSE it!

Are you operating as a Non-Profit 501(c)?  

Did you know that there is a lot of digital/tech stuff that you can get for free?  Google offers up to $10,000 in Grant Money a Month for some Non-Profits, but keep in mind there is a lot of specifics that have to be met so this is not something you want just anyone to manage for you.  This money can be used for text ads, aka Google Adwords. 
Nonprofit Digital Grant Advertising Money and
Other Digital Opportunities for Nonprofit Organizations

Digital platforms like Google and Facebook provide organizations with immense opportunities to increase their outreach. The Non-profit Organizations also have multiple opportunities to benefit from this immense outreach of these digital platforms. Using these platforms, Non-profit Organizations can connect with uncountable philanthropists and donors globally. They can also let billions of people know about their work through these platforms.

These platforms also provide help to Non-profit Organizations. Google provides an opportunity to Non-profit organizations to publish their ads free of cost through ADWORDS. In fact, Google ADWORDS provides a grant of $10,000 US dollars to the selected Non-profits. These ($10,000 USD) funds can be used by Non-profits for their online ad campaigns to reach more donors.

However, Google places some requirements on these Non-profits. Some of them are following:

  • Google ADWORDS provide grants to the Non-profits who currently have a 501 ( C ) status.
  • Non-profits are required to have a separate account on ADWORDS.
  • There is a minimum maintenance requirement for ADWORDS account to which Non-Profits should adhere.
  • There are also some specific ways in which Non-profits can put their ads online.
  • You have to apply to Google stating the purpose of your Non-profit. This is the most crucial part of the entire procedure.

Whereas, the opportunities are tremendous the above-stated requirements can be exhausting for many Non-profits. For instance, if an organization is not familiar with ADWORDS account then it will be tough for that non-profit to create a well-optimized profile which fulfills the requirements placed by Google. Similarly, it can be a tedious task for organizations to attain 501 ( C ) status, which is another requirement by Google. Lastly, some professional guidance is necessary when organizations are required to spend their grants under these specific guidelines. All of this might hinder Non-profits from getting the full advantages ADWORDS Non-profit grant advertising money has to offer.

Similarly, Facebook also provides multiple opportunities for Non-profits. It provides them with an opportunity to create their profiles and has a chance to connect with a Facebook community of 1.8 billion. Non-profits can also generate an immense amount of funds through Facebook fundraising pages. The most important part is to reach out to a maximum number of people and letting them know about your work. 

There are many other online organizations which help Non-profits. TechSoup, for example, is one of them. If you are successful in developing an association code with TechSoup then it provides you with an excess of multiple IT products, which have been donated by third parties, at discounted prices. Developing an association with them provides your organization with an opportunity to gain access to a global community of donors. To enjoy these benefits, all you need to do is to have an association code with TechSoup. Click Here to check your eligibility. 

There is no doubt that these digital platforms provide unparalleled opportunities for Non-profit organizations. However, overwhelming technicalities of all these procedures act as a barrier between Non-profits and these benefits. This specific problem can be overcome by taking a practical approach.

It is beneficial for these organizations to seek professional help in all these matters. Professional help can be taken in getting a 501 ( C ) status for your organization, we recommend a qualified CPA or attorney help you with this.  Due to the above-stated complexities, it is also important for organizations to seek professional help for creating and managing their ADWORDS account. Moreover, getting your organization accepted by Google for the grant and setting up your account is also a challenge. The chances of rejection can be decreased with professional help from an advertising agency. is certified by Google and more than qualified to help. 

Consultations are in person in the Kentucky area and set up is FREE. Email AD-IOS Web Development today at: for more info. 

In a nutshell, it is extremely important for Non-profit Organizations to seek professional help if they want to gain maximum benefits out of these Non-profit ad grants and other opportunities which are provided by various other digital platforms. If things are done right then Non-Profit organizations are sure to gain a lot from these opportunities.

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