How To Market When Your Business Has No Money

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All businesses don’t have thousands (or sometimes hundreds) to spend on digital marketing or advertising in general.  In fact take a look at this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about Entrepreneurship and the U.S. Economy.  Each year there are over 650,000 new businesses created.  Within 5 years, 50% of those businesses will no longer exist.  If opening […]

Microsites & Dishonest Agency Tactics


See Through An Agency’s Dirty Tactics; Bad Hidden Truths About Microsites Ethical and honest business practices are crucial in every industry, and digital marketing is no exception. Owning a small business means that your business structure is designed to thrive in developing close relationships with your customers. Knowing this too well, you pour all the […]

SEO & SEM in Layman Terms

SEO Process

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are very similar in some ways but are quite different in others. Most often it can be confusing and even overwhelming. SEO is like a supercharging -per-click model where you can pay for terms, phrases and keywords as people search for and click on them, rendering the content on […]

Promote Your Business on Google Maps

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Your Google Map Listing Is Free! How To Fully Optimize Google My Business In the digital world today, it’s very important to understand why optimizing your online presence is key to your business’s success online. You can optimize your website and Google Ads, but have you thought about your Google business listing? This powerful listing […]

COVID VACCINE Qualifying form for Health Departments

Corona Virus

the world for everyone.  Within weeks interacting in a digital manner with the public became paramount to all businesses. Much of the weight shifted and fell directly on Health Departments as they found themselves in the middle of a perfect storm. Creating a site that had up to date information, ways to interact, and what […]

The Truth About PPC Ad Management


There is a continued debate within companies these days to either outsource or to keep Pay Per Click (PPC) ad management in house. There are many different arguments that support both sides as well as factors to consider. When looking advantages and disadvantages of both sides you can determine which is better for your business as well […]

A Website with No Users is like Facebook with No Friends


What does that mean exactly?  A website is just like any other connection to your clients or potential customers. These connections require, well, customers or as Google Analytics calls them users.  So a Facebook with no friends yields nothing.  A website with no traffic/users yields nothing.  It makes no sense to only invest in something […]

The Reason Marketing Doesn’t Work


One of the most difficult aspects about digital marketing or marketing in general is that when you enter a relationship with a client, you aren’t just building them a website or campaigns, you’re actually becoming part of their business.  We realized quickly as an agency that what makes marketing so challenging is the fact that, […]

Google Reviews; the good, the bad, the ugly and the inevitable.


Every time that we have a speaking engagement we always leave a significant amount of time for questions at the end. Google reviews ALWAYS come up. Reviews are extremely important but there’s no need to fear them. If your business is providing a solid service or product with great customer service, just take a deep […]

Google’s Obsession with Mobile Devices


Mobile usage of the internet has been steadily increasing due to the fact that our phones and mobile devices continue to upgrade their ease of use.  Once Google began with mobile first indexing we all knew that it was just a matter of time before mobile was the focus. Not only has it become the […]