Behavioral Targeting Online Lexington, KY

Behavioral Targeting Online Lexington KY

To generate new leads, target the ideal audiences, and seal more conversions than ever, you need behavioral targeting online. Lexington, KY business owners can come to AD-IOS, a local digital media company with 20-plus years of experience, for advanced online targeting services. We use the most-advanced software programs in the business to bring our clients a range of advertising solutions.

Our skilled marketers use the data we gather to its fullest potential, using web-browsing behavior, cookies, and search history to create an optimized marketing campaign. Learn about our online display targeting capabilities.

Types of Behavioral Targeting Online We Offer


AD-IOS relies on advanced targeting technologies and techniques to help local and national companies improve their marketing efforts. We are experts in niche marketing, or targeting a specific group of people for your purposes. Niche marketing works by identifying your target audience and showing your advertisement to consumers who have demonstrated a specific interest. Choose the categories, geo locations, and demographics of the groups you target.

Niche marketing with AD-IOS is smart, concise, and proven. We use a variety of tactics to target your niche market with messages that make a real impact. No matter what your specific company goals look like, our firm will come up with a creative and unique solution for you. Here’s an overview of some methods we use for behavioral targeting online in Lexington, KY:

  • Search and site retargeting. Retargeting, or remarketing, shows your ad to consumers who have either visited your site or conducted a search using a specific keyword in the past. This is an excellent way to bring back consumers who left your site without making a purchase. Explore our retargeting
  • Demographic targeting. Every brand has specific age, gender, household income, marital status, education level, language, and other demographics that make up its ideal consumer. Target these specific traits with our advanced tools. If you don’t have a specific demographic in mind, our team can help you learn the best audience to target.
  • CRM targeting. CRM (customer relations management) targeting addresses users whose data you have acquired, such as uploaded email addresses or physical locations. CRM targeting and retargeting is highly effective and allows you to reach your customers using an offline customer database.

The knowledgeable professionals at AD-IOS help you choose your unique solution for behavioral targeting online in Lexington, KY. You may want to use one, two, or a combination of multiple tactics we have available for online displays, social media marketing, email campaigns, and more. Tracking your consumers’ behaviors via geographic location, IP addresses, cookies, and recent search history can give you valuable insights into how to reach your target audience and deliver your message effectively. AD-IOS can help.

Start Behavioral Targeting Online in Lexington, KY Today

Behavioral targeting is a service that can vastly improve your marketing and advertising success. It is the wisest investment of your time, money, and energy as a company. To get started with a capable, dependable company for advanced behavioral targeting online, Lexington, KY, contact AD-IOS online or at (859) 621-0470.


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