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You will see that at AD-IOS we blog about every mistake we find in the industry.  There are so many agencies that have given advertisers bad digital marketing experiences in the past so we are making it our mission to break it all down in layman’s terms.

3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Agency Isn’t Growing

I know, most people aren't building digital agencies.  That doesn't mean everyone can't benefit from learning more about how they work (and fail).  As the fastest growing Digital Agency in Central Kentucky, I get a lot of questions about what we are doing to succeed. ...

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Why your competitors LOVE your landing pages

This blog post isn't to discuss the validity of landing pages.  There's a documented success rate of per campaign landing pages vs website homepages or pages with items other than those specific to the intended action.  That is, landing pages are utilized to focus the...

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4 Reasons Why People Hate Marketing Agencies

Those of us who have been in this industry for several years have seen a common theme; clients being burnt out on marketers in general.  I cannot tell you how many new client meetings have started with a horror story about the past.  It's so common in fact, that we...

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The Great CPM Debate

Never has there been a time where technology has been changing so rapidly.  There are so many updates to keep up with that as an agency, we have to spend time daily evaluating them.  The differences day to day occasionally cause a full standstill until you...

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3 Things Digital Media Isn’t

Just like you, we get pitched digital marketing all the time too.  Everyone is trying to convince you what you already know; people search for things on the internet.  Sure there are complexities just like there are for every industry but at its core, it's people...

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How to Optimize Leads from Digital Marketing and Media

  Business owners generally fall into 2 categories: ones that utilize digital media and marketing and ones that don't think it works.  Overall, these 2 categories can be explained by the info graphic above; the owners who utilize digital marketing consistently have...

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3 Ways Your Marketing Agency Might Be Scamming You.

We already know that people who work for agencies are going to click this article to see if we are going to unveil some secrets.  Well, we are.  Businesses in general are able to make money based on what you know to be true, supply and demand.  Sometimes what they...

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How To Market When Your Business Has No Money

All businesses don't have thousands (or sometimes hundreds) to spend on digital marketing or advertising in general.  In fact take a look at this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about Entrepreneurship and the U.S. Economy.  Each year there are over 650,000...

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Common Marketing Questions People Think Aren’t Common

We have been in a lot of meetings, with a lot of different types of people in many industries.  Experience has taught us that although you can have broad general knowledge, it's impossible to have specific knowledge about everything.  So sometimes, when we meet with a...

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