How To Market When Your Business Has No Money

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All businesses don’t have thousands (or sometimes hundreds) to spend on digital marketing or advertising in general.  In fact take a look at this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about Entrepreneurship and the U.S. Economy.  Each year there are over 650,000 new businesses created.  Within 5 years, 50% of those businesses will no longer exist.  If opening […]

SEO & SEM in Layman Terms

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are very similar in some ways but are quite different in others. Most often it can be confusing and even overwhelming. SEO is like a supercharging -per-click model where you can pay for terms, phrases and keywords as people search for and click on them, rendering the content on […]

More Radar, less Big Brother.

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This past week Google reached another milestone – their 20th Birthday. As a Google partner, we are so excited to wish them a very Happy Birthday and share some amazing updates coming soon! Google’s mission statement is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, and they intend to do just that. […]

3 Digital Marketing Lies

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Most of the times, your understanding about digital marketing, digital ads, social media and search engines has already been built based on your experience.  In fact, you know more than you think you do.  This is the case simply because you use digital all the time.  We spend more than 10 hours a day on […]

4 Scare Tactics Your Agency Uses Against You

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Digital marketing seems scary to a lot of clients.  The fact that you can look at an item online and then be targeted by a company selling that and then shown ads on different devices sometimes freaks people out.  This seems like a highly targeted ad tactic that is expensive and only big companies can […]

Is My Digital Agency Actually Producing ROI? An Easy Beginners Guide.

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The speed of the digital marketing world is overwhelming to the majority of clients.  Even if they have been doing it for awhile, without constant educational updates, they still get lost in the vast amount of products, reporting, SEO and SEM techniques, website build factors, targeting options, and on and on.  Since that is the case, […]

SEO for dummies (well non SEOs)

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There’s 2 things that we get asked most often, “how do companies track me and serve me ads?” and “what is SEO really?”.  Both are extremely important and relevant questions for digital marketing success.  The first question is answered by talking about retargeting and giving them a visual on how it works.  All you need […]

4 Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Making ROI

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Probably the most common thing that we hear is that a client isn’t “tech savvy”.  Although there is definitely a large learning curve to how digital marketing works, it really doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at technology to understand it.  This leads to all types of misunderstandings about what digital agencies do […]

3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Agency Isn’t Growing

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I know, most people aren’t building digital agencies.  That doesn’t mean everyone can’t benefit from learning more about how they work (and fail).  As the fastest growing Digital Agency in Central Kentucky, I get a lot of questions about what we are doing to succeed.  One of the greatest benefits of being a growing agency […]

Why your competitors LOVE your landing pages

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This blog post isn’t to discuss the validity of landing pages.  There’s a documented success rate of per campaign landing pages vs website homepages or pages with items other than those specific to the intended action.  That is, landing pages are utilized to focus the visitor on a specific linear thought process that culminates in […]