Microsites & Dishonest Agency Tactics


See Through An Agency’s Dirty Tactics; Bad Hidden Truths About Microsites Ethical and honest business practices are crucial in every industry, and digital marketing is no exception. Owning a small business means that your business structure is designed to thrive in developing close relationships with your customers. Knowing this too well, you pour all the […]

COVID VACCINE Qualifying form for Health Departments

Corona Virus

the world for everyone.  Within weeks interacting in a digital manner with the public became paramount to all businesses. Much of the weight shifted and fell directly on Health Departments as they found themselves in the middle of a perfect storm. Creating a site that had up to date information, ways to interact, and what […]

A Website with No Users is like Facebook with No Friends


What does that mean exactly?  A website is just like any other connection to your clients or potential customers. These connections require, well, customers or as Google Analytics calls them users.  So a Facebook with no friends yields nothing.  A website with no traffic/users yields nothing.  It makes no sense to only invest in something […]