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Analytic Consulting

Maximize Your Marketing Spend: the key to understand how your digital marketing efforts correlates to a return on your investment.

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Where are you overspending? Where are you underspending? Where does you marketing overlap? What advertising can you cut and not loose leads? Where are the majority of your leads coming from? How long does it take for you average client to convert?


One of our most common issues with utilizing multiple large cost services to generate traffic and leads is that determining what part of your funnel (or which funnel) is generating the most value for your dollar. Marketing agencies love to give you numbers that correlate nothing to actual revenue. What if you could make sense of what is really making you money and what isn’t?

AD-IOS will take a 3-month period and compare all your digital & marketing services, monthly cost, average click through rate, CPM, User Attribution and CPC across all marketing vendors to build a complete attribution model. Based on website traffic sources in a relationship model and will give each traffic/lead source an efficiency score. This efficiency score will allow you to see where you can cut and re-allocate marketing spends to enhance the number of leads in any given month. We find where visitors are coming from and how often. Then we take the data from all of your vendors and put it into one place! This data is available to your to review for years down the road in real time. Allowing you to take control of your marketing spends, eliminate wasted search terms that you already rank organically for!

Why wouldn’t you want to know the average touch points before closing a sale?


What we need to get you started:

1. Edit access to Google Analytics to Lewis@Ad-ios.com

2. Access to Google Tag Manager to Lewis@Ad-ios.com

3. Lead Sources will need the monthly invoice + monthly reporting to match invoice and lead reports

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AD-IOS Digital Media Co.
230 N Plaza Dr, Nicholasville, KY 40356, United States

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M-F: 8:30am - 5pm
S-S: Appointment Only

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