COVID VACCINE Qualifying form for Health Departments

COVID-19 vaccines

the world for everyone. 

Within weeks interacting in a digital manner with the public became paramount to all businesses.

Much of the weight shifted and fell directly on Health Departments as they found themselves in the middle of a perfect storm. Creating a site that had up to date information, ways to interact, and what steps to take suddenly became a requirement overnight.  (THIS INCLUDED AN EFFICIENT WAY TO SCHEDULE ONLINE COVID TESTING & QUALIFY THOSE MOST URGENT FOR THE VACCINE ). This created an issue for many health department websites that were outdated, difficult to modify, hard to navigate and needed functionality it was never intended to support.  AD-IOS solved the issue with integrated solutions that save significant time, minimizing stress, making employees more efficient, and leading the way for a better website experience for everyone.

A WEBSITE THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE (Step 1) Health Departments saw a HUGE increase in traffic to their sites as the public began to search for information on what to do, where to go when to go etc. This massive increase means that the website itself needed to be fast, user-friendly, and needs to work across all devices.  Google standards now suggest a website to load in less than 3.5 seconds, have all buttons and content at the appropriate distance apart (to eliminate screen touch issues) as well as be fluid, functional, and easy to use.   Having a fast site that is informative actually reduces the stress of the user.  This Ericson Mobility study about website speeds actually showed that if your site loads slower than current standards, it led to an increase in heart rate of almost 40% on average.  Keeping website usage stress low is critical to building a user-friendly website.  This is accomplished by clean coded, flexible and lightweight structure.

When users visit a website, you have minimal seconds to capture their attention as they are notoriously impatient allowing frustration to outweigh the experience.heat mappingWe do this by heat mapping pages to make sure that there is as little friction as possible in getting what is intended.We were able to intercept an influx in phone calls allowing the visitor to find the information they needed without overwhelming what limited staff were in the office. Health Department websites by AD-IOS Digital Marketing Co., put everything that is utilized most often right in the visual path needed using heat mapping to ensure accuracy (seen on the right).This allows your office to reduce phone traffic while also allowing more people to get the appropriate information to assist their urgent needs. A strong and well thought out navigation structure helps direct your online traffic.  Even with this strategy in mind, best practice involves knowing how the site IS being used instead of how YOU HOPE it too.COVID-19 TESTING SCHEDULING (Step 3) As testing began to ramp up in the US, finding an efficient avenue to schedule tests, prep the materials, and interact with medical facilities became something that all Health Departments had to find a solution for.  Due to the urgency, the main solution that was utilized was Google Forms but quickly realized this was not efficient and created more work for the staff. (AD-IOS does not recommend Google Forms). Unfortunately, there were/are many drawbacks to using a form that was never intended to be utilized in this way. A more efficient way would be to automate everything, giving you and the site users everything needed, reducing numerous, tedious steps are a win-win.  AD-IOS integrated all the daily forms into one dynamic form that allows infinite sites and scheduling capability.No more swapping out forms daily.  No more turning them off.  No more headache when it comes to figuring out what to do.  The beauty of this form engine is not just that it helps you eliminate steps that save you time and stress but that it’s built EXACTLY for what your health department needs.Reports emailed (csv) to you and your team (when you want) with all the correct data, organized for the most efficient prep time and print labels.The ability to set a maximum number of appointments, beginning/end times as well as different schedules per day of the week.Customized fields to match data requirements for additional 3rd party products you might be utilizingCombined columns for a streamlined “symptom” entries for a more organized compiled spreadsheet.Flexibility to grow and change for other scheduling needs and applications beyond just COVID testing.Confirmation emails sent to people who schedule with the ability for them to click a button and add to any major calendar service they are using to remind them.


Path 1, Healthcare workers.

  • There are 2 forms (Fact Sheet and HIPPA) verification boxes of read.
  • The healthcare form has the client choose options to define both the group type and risk of it’s employees.  An office manager will provide information that will then be used to contact the business

Path 2, individuals (launch when it is available)

  • The control on this section is administered by allowing only specific groups at specific phases to register.
  • If an individual is eligible the system for scheduling is similar to that of COVID 19 testing in that the available dates and times are set by the Health Department and then added as available times to choose.
  • If an individual is not currently eligible, it gives them corresponding information on when they will be or how to seek additional information.
  • These vaccine tracking CSV reports are available and sent similar to the COVID 19 testing spreadsheets but formatted to contain the information for this path.

Ultimately the goal was to make this the least stressful way for a Health Department to navigate the overwhelming task of getting information out, providing testing services, and being there to serve the public as efficiently as possible. Join us in utilizing a system that is saving Health Departments time, and stress. Interested?  Email AD-IOS Digital Marketing



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