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Inventory, Website, Marketing, and Data Management All In The Same Place.

We’ve built a comprehensive system that allows you to manage, market, and sell your inventory.  Whether you sell RVs, ATVs, boats, tractors or cars/trucks we have you covered.  The current systems on the market will work when all you need is just to have your inventory visible.  Inefficiencies happen when you have multiple companies handling the various parts of your sales machine.  1 for inventory feed, 1 for call tracking, 1 for forms,  1 for DSM, 1 for CRM, 1 for creative, 1 for web, and 1 for marketing.  Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just have 1 point of contact all for a cheaper price?

Inventory Management can turn into a nightmare when a problem arises, especially when you put in a support ticket only to wait days for the solution.  Current off the shelf systems don’t take many local variables into account when your site is being built.  What you gain in cost savings, you lose in the actual visibility of your dealership digitally.   We know that problems that aren’t addressed quickly can cost you major revenue.  That’s why we will always be more prompt and responsive than the competition.

Inventory Management Services - Inventory Problems Solutions | AD-IOS
Our Search provides the most filters in the industry because you get the benefit of having the actual developers, in-house.  Many other companies use similar plugins but they use them in ways it wasn’t intended or isn’t optimal.  Reduce errors, get cleaner code, more options, and a better overall user experience with us.

No Guessing, Just Real Data.

The Proprietary System built in to all of our sites works because everything is built in the same format.  This allows us to see all pieces of the puzzle on the back end and recognize when something wrong is happening or about to happen.  In addition, we also can see trending data that gives us an understanding of what is working well and gaining traction.  Nothing is required on your end, we make the changes so your content and inventory is always right where your clients need and want it.  These changes also get reflected in all the digital marketing you are doing so that every dollar is reaching the best qualified and highest potential leads. Base Package:  We have put together the most critical elements to get you going.

  • Website – through trial and error we have built a solid foundation for your clients to visit and sales to utilize.
  • Inventory Import – a fully mapped system that will give users just the right amount of flexibility to find what they are looking for or might be interested in.
  • CRM Support – most likely your company will already have a CRM in place that you know and utilize.  Our role will be to make sure that all the forms, data, and leads you need from the website are going to the right place, in the right format.
  • Forms – from simple contact forms that populate the stock number and unit of interest to secure forms for financing, we have you covered.
  • Support – Our award winning 24/7 support staff and prediction algorithms.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard – No fluff, just the core data you need to see what’s going on with your site day to day.

$1399 per month


  • Call Tracking with Detailed Opportunities Emails to managers immediately
  • Image and Unit Management – we enter all the data you require into the inventory import database for you including pictures.
  • Monthly Creative – originally designed ads for your site, promotions, digital ads and social media.
  • Craigslist, Ebay and Facebook selling – manage your inventory feeds through one portal.
  • Market Research

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AD-IOS Digital Media Co.
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