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It is difficult to find the perfect customers, so let us find them for you!  Our data consist of consumers and key business decision makers who have consented and requested to receive information about products and services from companies just like yours. Our 6 step conversion process enables your business to reach local and national audiences through our premium email delivery partners!

  1. Develop an ideal target audience.
  2. Reach the largest targeted audience available
  3. Verify email deliverability.
  4. Deliver your message with premium email security.
  5. Find the Best Path to Inboxes.
  6. Continuous attention to conversion rates.

If you have a CRM tool and want to target your current email list we can do that as well! Also, check out Display Targeting using your current email list.

Targeted Email Campaigns Increase ROI

77% of email marketing ROI comes from segmented and targeted email campaigns and over 60% of email marketers say their email campaigns produce a positive ROI. -(Source: Emarketer.com)

  • Micro-Target Your Audience
  • Reach Highly Responsive Prospects
  • Double Opted in Email List
  • Comes from YOUR BUSINESS
  • Spam Compliant
  • Category, Job Title, or Demo Targeted
  • Geo Targeted to the area you choose
  • You PICK the Subject Line


Example Scenario: If you send 75,000 emails and your open rate is 15% then 11,250 consumers saw your offer.  Now if only 2% of those people clicked through to your website then that is 225 qualified leads! If your websites close rate is even 5% then you would have just secured 11 new customers off one Email Blast! Now you should multiply that by your average customers ticket to see if Email Marketing has a valuable return on investment for your business.

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