Local Digital Advertising Lexington, KY

Local Digital Advertising Lexington KY

Your business’s presence within the community is only as strong as your local digital advertising. Lexington, KY companies can significantly boost their local efforts with help from the marketing experts at AD-IOS. From geo fencing and event targeting to specific niche marketing, our team has the services to expand your outreach in local regions. We can show your ad to the right audience at the right time, helping your company meet its unique advertising goals. Discover what AD-IOS can do for your company.

Custom Local Digital Advertising Solutions


At AD-IOS, we don’t underestimate the power of customization. Today’s consumers desire tailored, niche-specific content. They want to know a brand prioritizes relevant, targeted advertising instead of filling their feed with ads that don’t pertain to them. Gain consumer appreciation with smart local digital advertising in Lexington, KY from AD-IOS.

We work one on one with each client, spending ample time developing the ideal marketing campaign for individual companies. We are not in the business of recommending one-size-fits-all ad campaigns – instead, we work hard to create customized, innovative solutions that work.

Customizing your local digital advertising in Lexington, KY, gives you the opportunity to engage with your ideal consumers on a more personal level. Nobody likes irritating, irrelevant banner ads or social media marketing. Don’t be that company. Instead, be the local brand that cranks out entertaining, engaging, and shareable advertisements consistently across channels. Be the company your customers talk about with friends and family. Our team of experts can help you become this company.

AD-IOS can be your connection to effective digital and traditional marketing for local audiences. We have a 20-year history with brands throughout Kentucky, and know what it takes to boost a company’s reputation and word-of-mouth advertising. We can help you become the go-to local brand in your niche, using our advanced geo targeting solutions to create local digital advertising in Lexington, KY that really makes an impact.

From local search engine optimization (SEO) to geo targeted banner advertisements, we have dozens of ways to make your brand stand out. Learn more about SEO.

How We Win at Local Digital Advertising in Lexington, KY

Introduce yourself to our creative branding services. This is just the first step in our comprehensive system to improve local digital advertising. Lexington, KY companies need a well-designed brand, including the ideal logo, labels, brochures, and website. Your website is a virtual business card – it should express who you are as a company, explain your mission, and tell consumers why they should buy from you. AD-IOS can optimize your website, set marketing goals, and masterfully handle local digital advertising. Lexington, KY consumers will take your business seriously, and you will stand out from local and national competition.

 AD-IOS uses the most advanced methods to boost local presence. For example, check out our geo fencing and event targeting services. We use special software to create a geo fence for client events. This targets users who step within the geo fence, sending digital ads to their mobile devices based on location. We can then retarget your ads to their other devices. Geo fencing helps you target local consumers, events, and locations for optimal relevancy. The benefits of geo fencing include:

  • Targeting your competitors’ locations. When your customers arrive at a competitor’s location, they will see advertisements from your brand – enticing them to broaden their horizons!
  • Targeting events. Is there an event in your area that’s relevant to your brand? Set up a timed campaign to run during that event only. You can also target events your consumers attend.
  • Targeting locations. We can help you learn where your target audience goes and pinpoint these locations. We offer unlimited geo fences for local digital advertising in Lexington, KY or your city.
  • Creating custom shapes. You have the power to virtually draw your geo fence, placing it around buildings or specific areas in your region. You can then target users within your geo fence.
  • User retargeting. Continue to target users who enter your geo fence for up to 30 days after they leave your chosen area – significantly boosting conversion rates. You can track conversions into your location and engage in cross-channel retargeting.
  • Controlling the budget. With AD-IOS, geo fencing stays within your budget. By letting our clients choose their budget, we give the greatest opportunity for returns on investment.
  • Transparent real-time reporting. You will have access to honest reports about the performance of your local geo targeted ad campaign. Performance reports enable our team to remedy issues and come up with more accurate solutions.

Partnering with AD-IOS gives you access to our advanced geo targeting capabilities and many other important resources. We help you achieve local digital ad excellence, reaching your ideal crowd. From creative services, such as website design and content writing, to smart data solutions using the latest geo tracking technologies, our firm has what you need to make a splash in the local marketplace.

Optimize Your Local Digital Advertising Today

AD-IOS cracked the code for local digital advertising in Lexington, KY so you don’t have to. Whether you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur with specific ideas about your marketing campaign or you need an advertiser who supplies end-to-end solutions, we’re the company for you. We employ skilled digital marketers to walk clients through local SEO, optimized display advertisements, geo targeting, and more. Our firm is a one-stop-shop for all things digital media.

If you’re interested in creating video pre-roll ads, employing us for quality market research, or enlisting AD-IOS’s services for any of the other myriad tasks we perform, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible to begin your free consultation. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our digital services.

We look forward to customizing a solution for your company. We serve clientele throughout the country from our headquarters in Kentucky. To learn more about how we can improve your local digital advertising, Lexington, KY citizens can call (859) 429-0060.

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