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Contextual or Category targeting is based on ‘Where’ your audience is and will match your ads to sites or pages (also known as automatic placements) based on the keywords users are reading or categories you’ve chosen.  You can connect with users as they browse content relevant to their interest.  Contextual looks at the category or the keywords the user is viewing and serves them ads that is content related.  Since the users are interested in the ads this saves the advertiser valuable impressions for the right customers.



                                                                                                                                                                         Hone in on your Specific Audience

Here’s how:

  • Keywords: Choose words or phrases related to your product or service so Google can automatically target your ads to websites that your customers visit on the Display Network. When your keyword matches a web page’s concepts or central theme, your ad is eligible to appear on that web page.
  • Topics: Similar to keywords, place your ads on website pages about the topics that you choose. Instead of developing a list of
    keywords, you choose categories of information.
  • Managed placements: Choose where you’d like your ads to appear based on websites your customers visit on the Display Network. If you select this type of targeting, we’ll only look at your chosen sites (managed placements) when searching for relevant places to display your ads.

Combine keywords and topics to create a fully customized campaign, targeting only those users who are interested in the products or services that you provide.  In the end this saves the advertiser on marketing waste. 


Example: If you own an online health food store, you can use topics to place your ad on websites relating to topics like health, wellness, and home cooking.