GEO- Fence Targeting - Lexington KY

A feature in a software program that uses global positioning system, or the GPS, of a mobile device to define geographical boundaries.  Geo Fencing and Event Targeting are essentially the same thing.  You can Geo Fence a event and target users who step inside the Geo fence on their mobile devices showing up in their mobile applications.  Ads can then be re-targeted to other devices such as desktop, laptops or tablet devices.  Geo Fencing is based on a devices location services and is recency (time stamped).  

GEO FENCE BENEFITSMobile Marketing - Lexington KY

  • Target YOUR Locations
  • Target YOUR Competitors Locations
  • Target EVENTS (short time frames)
  • Target Locations where YOUR customers are
  • Target Events where YOUR customers go
  • Custom Shapes outline buildings or areas
  • Unlimited Geo-Fences in your city
  • Targets Users within the Geo-Fence
  • Target for up to 30 days after they have left the Geo-Fence
  • Re-Target Customers
  • Track Conversions into YOUR Location
  • You Choose the Budget
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Cross Channel Re-Targeting