CONNECT with more searchers more often and more effectively with the industry leading key-word level search re-targeting tactics. 

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Display ads on thousands of websites based on what keywords the user searched.

Search re-targeting enables advertisers to combine the effectiveness of search with brand impact and reach of display.  Keyword search terms , is the most effective targeting data available.  You are targeting people based on what they enter into a search engine.  Search re-targeting gives advertisers the ability to target potential customers with display ads based on the searches they perform across the web. Our team captures each individual search and date/time stamps it.


  • A user performs the search; our team collects the data.
  • Our Team Delivers a Ad based on the keywords searched.
  • The user clicks on the ad and converts.


  • Keyword Level Bidding, Reporting and Optimization
  • Variable Recency
  • Total Transparency