Return On Investment


What is your monthly budget for your marketing campaigns?

Not only do you hate to be asked this question; it is your consultants least favorite question as well.  However, it is very important to figure out because this is your investment and your budget will determine your return. 


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Let’s start by setting some goals.  Ask yourself, how much do you earn for every new customer?  How much are you willing to pay for a new customer?  For example; if a new customer brings in on average $100 and you are comfortable spending $10 to acquire that new customer then you need to determine realistically how many new customers you want to gain per month. 

For instance you picked 100 new customers then your marketing budget should be $1,000 per month with a monthly advertising goal of 100 conversions.


100 New Customer @ $100 ea = $10,000 Revenue
Less your COGS (60% markup)  ($4,000)
Net Revenue                                    $6,000
Less Advertising Cost                    ($1,000)
Total ROI                                    $5,000 +  

 It is important for your consultant to know your budget as well as your goals and niche market so that they can set up your campaign to reach your goals.  Without a budget your team is just guessing on your solutions, we want to optimize your budget giving you the best tactics and results for your money.  We work within all budgets and are here to help grow your company so never be shy to tell us. Digital Marketing is not transactional like traditional media.  Remember; our business just like yours is about retention, when you succeed we succeed!