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One of the best tools at your disposal to grow your business is search engine marketing. Lexington, KY business owners and business owners around the United States can benefit immensely from working with AD-IOS, a digital media agency with 20-plus years of industry experience. When it comes to placing advertisements with search engines we understand search engine marketing, or SEM, and know exactly how to introduce a company into this highly valuable sector. AD-IOS Digital Media Company is a Google Partner and specializes in Google Ads or Google Adwords.

Search engine marketing in Lexington, KY will increase your visibility to your target audience. It will place your ad front and center on Google when users search certain keywords and phrases. SEM offers advertisers a way to put ads in front of motivated customers who are actively searching for a specific product, service, or solution. SEM is the only marketing technique where this is possible, making it amazingly valuable to companies of all sizes and industries. With us, you can expect real-time digital reporting that includes more than clicks and impressions.  You will know who your competitors are, what an actual conversion means to your business, we will go over what triggers a keyword, where you are losing searches and your entire campaign will be tied into your Google Analytics giving you real insight to your campaigns and their performance.

AD-IOS can manage your search engine marketing in Lexington, KY and all around the United States from beginning to end. View our SEM services. We are here to help you learn the right keywords and place bids for specific words, phrases, categories, and contexts. We have in-depth knowledge of how to master SEM on all major search engines and can help you with the staples of this resource, including:

Don’t waste money on clicks that will mean nothing!
  • Advanced audience targeting. Often, customers begin with a search engine search, and then select multiple websites to browse for keyword categories. Audience targeting presents your ad to the most interested users, increasing your odds of making a sale.
  • Custom keyword lists. Keywords are the heart of SEM. We’ll build a custom keyword list for your business using all the words and phrases your target audience uses.



  • Automated bidding. AD-IOS takes the stress out of bidding, using an automated algorithm that responds to market conditions in real time, adjusts your bids hourly, and ensures you capture the maximum number of clicks at the lowest cost.
  • Bid optimization. We specifically built our software to help small businesses compete with large ones in terms of search engine marketing in Lexington, KY. Our software makes bidding fast, easy, and efficient.
  • Keyword management and analysis. We use our special keyword analysis tool to produce accurate estimates of clicks. We then give you three budget options so you can select the one that best suits your needs.
AD-IOS has spent the last 20 years optimizing local business growth. SEM is one of the most effective ways we manage this task. Between SEM and search engine optimization (SEO), our team has everything your company needs to be highly visible during searches. Review our SEO capabilities.

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If you’re interested in learning more about SEM, AD-IOS offers free, no-obligation consultations so you can discuss this topic with an experienced professional at no risk. We will appraise your current website, SEO, and marketing tactics and give you our honest professional advice about which digital services will help your business. To get started with search engine marketing, Lexington, KY citizens can reach out to us online or call (859) 305-9285.

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