Search Engine Marketing

Your customers are already out there roaming the web.PPC-Google-Yahoo-Bing - Lexington KY

The trick is to help them find you. That’s where keywords come in.

Keywords are words or phrases that help determine where and when your ad can appear. Building a solid keyword list helps you reach only the most interested people; who are more likely to become your customers. Not only are keywords used for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but also for Category & Contextual targeting. Most often prospective customers move from a search engine then navigate to multiple websites reading text and browsing keyword categories.

Let us build a custom keyword list for your business.

  • Our platform includes a powerful automated bidding algorithm that removes much of the manual labor from search campaign management and optimization.
  • Our bidding engine responds to market conditions in real time, adjusting bids hourly to make sure each search campaign budget captures the maximum number of clicks at the lowest cost.Pay Per Click - Lexington KY

Bid Optimization details:

  • Replaces hours of bid management (we do it manually for you), enabling campaign managers to work more efficiently across multiple clients; OUR software was specifically developed for small businesses to compete with large businesses.
  • Helps search campaigns run evenly over time, rather than spiking and stalling when budget limits are reached too quickly.
  • Minimizes any unspent budget to eliminate inefficient bidding.
  • Real Time Dashboard with Access to Google Ads Reporting.

Keyword Management/Analysis:

  • We identify keywords that are relevant to your business and that prospective customers are likely to use when searching for your products and services. Using our Keyword Analysis tool which produces estimated click analysis and 3 budget options to suite your needs.