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The Truth About PPC Ad Management

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There is a continued debate within companies these days to either outsource or to keep Pay Per Click (PPC) ad management in house. There are many different arguments that support both sides as well as factors to consider. When looking advantages and disadvantages of both sides you can determine which is better for your business as well a way to benefit profits.  With more than 55% of all businesses using Google Ads, it applies to the majority of companies.

What is PPC Ad Management?

First lets start with what is PPC Ad Management? PPC is short for “Pay Per Click” Which refers to when an advertiser sets up payed advertisements that are displayed for viewers. Now that we know what PPC means, what does PPC Ad Management mean? PPC Ad Management is the management of pay per click ads like Google Ads, Social Media Posts, and much more.There is a lot that goes in PPC Ad Management that can be handled to either an in house ad manager or managers or outsourced to agency. This is where the debate begins, is it best to either outsource PPC or keep it in house?

One Factor to Consider is: Do I have Enough Time?

Time is money as the saying goes. PPC management and campaigns are very time consuming and require a lot of supervision to be successful. The process involves constant checking of campaigns, keyword research, keeping up with trends, and much more. But this can be done either by in house experts or outsourced agency. This all depends on the business type and the time they have to either train or look to hire in house PPC experts. There are perks to having an in house staff because they work directly with the business to determine which ads work best as well as know more insight about the business itself.When you hire an agency, you get fast results because they get to work setting up your campaign and thus leading to a faster growth.They also have trained and experienced staff who focuses on the rigorous process of PPC campaigns and helps take care of and modify them as needed. With no burden of having to deal with PPC ads and the work that comes with it, you and your business can prosper and focus on other important aspects of your business.  Not to mention that just learning the ins and outs of Google Ads takes a lot of time in itself BEFORE you can even start building a campaign.

Another Factor to Consider is: Who has the most experience?

Another factor to consider when determining to either outsource PPC or keep it in house is who has more experience in PPC Ad Management. When it comes to weighing your options you either have hiring an PPC expert or training and teaching an in house staff or outsourcing the services. There is an advantage too in house staff because the employer get to choose the team along with hiring a face to face expert who works internally with the company. Also the employer can choose what hours this team can work either full time or part time. But there could be room for error from employees trying to learn the process of PPC ad management in house, which can cause headache and delays.Yes while keeping this service in house is helpful in ways, when you hire a certified agency to outsource your PPC you get an experienced staff who are experts in the world of PPC campaigns. This is very important because it gives you an upper hand on businesses who are trying to do this in house but do not have access to experienced experts who can only be found in a certified agency. Also this insures a healthy and successful campaign due to experts monitoring and changing the campaign as needed as well as tackling situations that arise with the campaign for they have specialized training to do so.

Also, What is The Cost To Hire?

One major factor to determine which route is best for your business is laying out the cost to hire. It is very important to know that this is also determined by the size of the business. A small business would lay out their budget for hiring and training to determine their side as well as paying current employees along with new employees if they decide to go in house. While big corporations may just overlook the price for in house work for they have the budge, time, and experienced staff to do so. But for businesses even though Google Ads and other software is free to use, there is other factors such as research, time, and ultimately the cost to hire an expert to manage such ads which would help make a decision that is best for the business itself.One of the main reasons companies outsource PPC is because the cost to hire an experienced in house staff exceeds the cost to hire a certified agency. With the multiple and complex tasks handled by PPC experts from bid management, oversee of the ads, optimization, and much more requires a lot of time and money. The cost of either hiring a in house expert who would expect top line pay for work or hire or train an in house staff for PPC, would surpass what you would spend to outsource these services. Below is the average salary of a PPC manager alone:

The Last Main Factor is: Which Way Can I Make the Most Profit?

When making a decision to either keep PPC in house or outsource the job is which one would be most profitable for the business. All businesses are in it to make the best profit and revenue in the long run. That is why picking the right option is crucial for maximum profits.When you keep PPC in house, there are many advantages like the in house specialist knows the way that the company works as well as being able to make changes quickly. But as stated above is a mistake is made, then that is lose of profits and time to try to fix it. Also, it is easier to budget for a PPC campaign due to the fixed salary of the in house expert. But this does not account for insurance, time off, taxes, and much more which cost money.While when you outsource PPC, it saves your business time and money which maximizes profits and revenues. Also outsourcing helps avoid overspending. Sticking to a budget is key to a successful business as well as cutting cost of hiring. Profits and revenue is increased due to successful and profitable campaigns that are managed and built by professionals when you outsource. When you work with an agency, they can set a budget for your campaign and make sure to work with you and stay within it. A budget can easily be overspent when you use in house staff/ in house experts.

In Conclusion

Just remember the debate between either outsourcing or keeping PPC management in house can be different for each business due to either access to resources, budget, or long term goals. Sometimes the best option for a business can be a mixture of both in house and outsourcing of the job of PPC management. Either way, profits can be made off of successful campaigns of PPC for businesses that utilize the best method of doing so.



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