Traditional Media Buys

Wondering why reps add digital to their traditional media campaign?

Brand Awareness is still very valuable but niche targeting is more efficient.

We can help you with the following at no added cost to you!

  • Television
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper/Print
  • Radio/Online Radio
  • Local – National Buys


Take the Guess Work out of Traditional Media Buys.

Our team of Experts with 40 Years of Combined Experience will Save your Company Thousands of Dollars on Media Buys.

As a media buyer for your company, we will negotiate the best rates and purchase a television, OTT, Radio, Billboards, Magazines, and other Print Publications. Reducing all of the traditional media companies forcing you to purchase digital packages that overlap with other advertising efforts. We also work with large video production companies and can assist in influencer contracts. Your Website, Landing Pages, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Traditional Media Buys should all correlate with each other for the Best Brand Strategy.

It is more important than ever to Target the Right Audience, a Professional Media Buyer will guide your Brand in a Way that will Reduce Wasted Marketing Dollars. We evaluate media reach, formats and pricing as well as all consumer demographics to meet your marketing objective. Once the purchase is made, we also verify proof of the placement, go through all reporting, track data analytics against run times and traffic spikes to help you understand the if there is a return on your investment.

We offer a non bias approach, we are seasoned in traditional media buys as well as internet marketing with decades of experience! We are here to help you secure these contracts and educate you on air times, per column inches, prime time, drive times, billboard locations, and much more!! Agency agreements are required; however our consultants will save you on hiring your own full time marketing department, use that saved salary towards your monthly marketing campaign!

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