Traditional Media Buys


Do you often wonder why every rep adds digital to their traditional media campaign?

Branding & Target Marketing go hand in hand; general branding is still valuable but niche targeting is more efficient.

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Traditional Media companies also offer some targeted solutions that we can help you with such as:

  • Television
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper/Print
  • Radio/Online Radio

We offer a non bias approach, we are seasoned in traditional media buys as well as internet marketing. We are here to help you secure these contracts and educate you on air times, per column inches, prime time, drive times, billboard locations and much more!! Agency agreements are required; however our consultants will save you on hiring your own full time marketing department, use that saved salary towards your monthly marketing campaign!

We are not afraid to talk about your return on investment, monthly campaign analysis, business goals/challenges and our consultants are in it to see you succeed. Moving forward with AD-IOS ensures piece of mind and trust; our consultants have less stress than your traditional media consultants which leads to more motivation & creativity!

When your business is successful so is ours!