Video Pre-Roll

VIDEO NETWORK (Rest of Internet)

Streaming Video Solutions allow businesses to run a marketing message alongside content

Targeting Options Include…

•Geo Targeted RON
Channel (Category) Targeted
•Demographic or Behavioral

Both :15 second and :30 second videos are accepted

•Non skippable video inventory is available for Video Network
•Day parting is also available for pre-roll.
•eCPMs will vary


YouTube has 800 million monthly unique users worldwide who upload more than 48 hours of video to the site every minute.  People are watching more than 3 billion videos daily.

•Geo Targeted (ROS) is the only available targeting for You tube video.

•Video impressions are CPV (cost per view). Minimum Spend Requirements.

With CPV, the video must be seen in full, in order to count as a view (tru view). If a user views 14 seconds of a 15 second video before clicking off of the video; that video will not count as a view.

12147527 - you tube logo displayed on iphone 4s screen

•Reporting; shows how many times video was spatially and fully viewed.
•Both :15 second and :30 second videos are accepted
•Optional 300×60 companion unit ad
•Videos can appear pre/mid/post roll
•Geo Targeting options include state, DMA, city, zips or radius
•Day parting is not available with Youtube video

Mobile Video Streamers:

•47.4% of US adults claim to have watched online video in the past 6 months.
•63% more likely to own their home
•56.6% Prefer to shop local
Source: Admall Pro 2016