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Our Core Services

Digital Marketing

Google has shown us that 86% of the American public is always in the buying cycle.  Getting in front of your potential customers can be easy with the right tools.  We based our performance off conversions and actionable items, not just impressions and buzz words.

Online Display Targeting
Internet Marketing consists of online banner ads in a range of sizes on multiple websites and includes lots of tactics and options.  You may at times hear terms such as behavioral,  advanced audience targeting, programmatic, banner ads they all refer to online internet marketing.  We build display ads in the most statistically successful sizes instead of just building the easy less engaging base Google responsive ad templates.
Search Engine Marketing
One of the best tools at your disposal to grow your business is search engine marketing. Lexington, KY business owners can benefit immensely from working with AD-IOS, a local digital media agency with 20-plus years of industry experience, when it comes to placing advertisements with search engines. We understand search engine marketing, or SEM, and know exactly how to introduce a company into this highly valuable sector.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is best described as “turning on your website to be found in search engines”.  Search Engine Optimization can become very expensive as it includes content written and links to/inside your website.  However SEO offers long term effects to your websites organic growth rather than the SEM (pay per click model) that is turned off when your money stops.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management and Social Media Advertising.  Management is keeping up with the post and content that is delivered on a regular basis and Advertising is sending content to people that are not necessarily already on your page, these are people that you choose through targeting.  You can choose to deliver an ad to someone based on behaviors, locations, interest, and demographics.  Then you can make specific audiences based on re-targeting tactics.  Social Media advertising is a great way to generate new leads in your market.
Geo Fencing and Event Targeting are essentially the same thing.  You can Geo Fence a event and target users who step inside the Geo fence on their mobile devices showing up in their mobile applications.  Ads can then be re-targeted to other devices such as desktop, laptops or tablet devices.  Geo Fencing is based on a devices location services and is recency (time stamped).  Then ads can continue to be delivered to the tagged users for a defined amount of time (typically 30 or 60 days)

Digital Enhancements

Your website is 60-70% of your digital footprint.  Once that core element is created or ready for use we believe there are many additional ways to pull ROI out of your Brand and business.  Many items like a well developed commercial can really drive engagement.

Video Pre-Roll - COmmercial Production
Streaming Video Solutions allow businesses to run a marketing message alongside content online. Targeting Options Include… •Geo Targeted RON •Channel (Category) Targeted •Demographic or Behavioral We also offer a full video production facility with state of the art cameras and lighting technology.
Email Marketing


It is difficult to find the perfect customers, so let us find them for you!  Our data consist of consumers and key business decision makers who have consented and requested to receive information about products and services from companies just like yours. Our 6 step conversion process enables your business to reach local and national audiences through our premium email delivery partners!

A well-designed brand is the difference between someone taking you seriously as a business, or mistaking you for someone with a hobby. Allow our years of experience in brand development to help your company stand out from the competition.  Logo design, banners, brochures, flyers, business cards and daily design retainers are all part of our creative design services.
There are a lot of companies and hobby enthusiast that claim to manage websites.  However; we urge you to steer clear of your do it yourself tech guys.  Websites take a lot of time and they need to be taken care of.  You should never set up a website and leave it. Your website is an asset to your business and you should be prepared to treat it that way.  Websites require maintenance and upgrades as technology is emerging at a rapid speed.  We create and service a large range of informational, e-commerce and dealer inventory management sites.
Traditional Media Buys
We offer a non bias approach, we are seasoned in traditional media buys as well as internet marketing. We are here to help you secure these contracts and educate you on air times, per column inches, prime time, drive times, billboard locations and much more!! Agency agreements are required; however our consultants will save you on hiring your own full time marketing department, use that saved salary towards your monthly marketing campaign!

Core Services

Digital Marketing

As a Google Partnered agency we have seen many agencies setup accounts only for ours to outperform theirs in a matter of days.  SEM, SEO, SMM services, all from certified, experienced staff.

Creative Services

With Adobe expert artists on staff, we use the latest technology to illustrate and design.  No need to hire another agency for these services.  We do it all.


We don’t nickel and dime you on features.  We give you unlimited options and then we build based on what is best for your business with mobile first design.

Traditional Media

Traditional media may not be used as much as it has in the past but there are many markets and situations where there is great value from it.  We can help!

Featured Services

Dealer Management

Inventory Management with Intelligence

We’ve developed a dealer marketing system that starts with your inventory, then we create a total marketing solution just for you. All with predictive and cutting edge technology.


Optimization That Means Something.

We don’t believe in selling a service that doesn’t have any real metrics or action items.  Google gives us tools to monitor SEO and we add our own expertise into a system that combines more than 20 variables into a plan that gets your site found and continues to bring in organic traffic.



We utilize a group of tools that allows us to help you choose keywords and images that will engage your audience not in the way you hope they will but in the way that they are already are.

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About Me

Our Staff

We’re tired of agencies who scam businesses which is why we expose their practices and tactics.  We bring decades of expertise from multiple industries to be the only digital marketing agency you need.

  • Web and Creative Design
  • SEM, SEO and Display 
  • Social MEDIA MANAGEMENT and Targeting
Crystal Geis - President-Founder
Crystal is the founder of AD-IOS which initially was intended to be “ADIOS to traditional media”, but instead became AD-IOS referencing how advertising (ads) has become mostly digital/mobile (internet operating system). Crystal understands that internet presence and being found by searching your services (not just your name) in your targeted locations is key when implementing any marketing campaign. Along with the partners, Crystal is the core decision maker for the organization and direction.  Email her at crystal@ad-ios.com.
Lewis Clark - Director of Operations
Coming from a background in the national property management industry and previous agency owner, Lewis brings a broad marketing-IT skill set with an emphasis on business health and back-end sustainable infrastructure.  Lewis is also a partner and he oversees all service operations while adding additional emphasis to SEO and webdesign.  Email him at lewis@ad-ios.com for more info.
Ken Osborne - Digital Account Manager
Ken has over a decade of sales experience and networking that he brings to the team.  He is often the central point of contact for clients and aids them in making critical spend and advertising decisions based on his work with the AD-IOS team.  Email him at ken@ad-ios.com.    
Carrie Peterson - Social Media and Google Ads Manager
Carrie Peterson is a Social Media Manager at AD-IOS, where she coordinates & manages targeted social media ads, Google Ads, and social media content. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Google Live, and other social media platforms. You can contact her at carrie@ad-ios.com for more information.
Joseph Sayon - Web Development-Design
Joseph is a WordPress Expert and brings many years of custom development and web design to the team.  Email joseph as joseph@ad-ios.com
Russel Timosan - Web Development-Design
Russel adds over a decade of creative web Ui/Ux design with extensive experience in web designing and Front End development with an emphasis on WordPress websites.  Russel can be contacted at Russel@ad-ios.com.

What Carrie and Destiny’s Child have in common…

On November 20, 2018 Facebook Ads Manager had servers crash causing over 8 hours of outage. There can be little blips now & again, but never like this. Add that to it all happening just a couple days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday... it couldn't have come at a...

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This team really helped take us to the next level. Over the course of just months, traffic and referrals increased by more than 500%. Our newly built senior apartments needed specific branding and SEO work to be seen. Millions of views, high Google rankings and lots of meetings later we are glad to give them all our marketing business. A++ Jefferson Crossings Apartments

Don’t waste money like I did and let AD-IOS handle your targeted ads. I spent a lot of time trying to figure everything out on my own but I needed someone who understood search engines and display advertising more than me. Do yourself a favor and let them boost your revenue. 100% will continue business. Jason Smith

We didn’t realize how little our current agency was actually doing.  When AD-IOS connected with us I was skeptical but within 2 months of services the change in revenue was undeniable.  Some of the best SEO and SEM services I have ever been a part of. Brianna Thorn

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