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How It Began.


Crystal Geis, founder of AD-IOS Digital Media Co. with a B.A. in Business/Marketing and almost two decades of B2B marketing experience, founded AD-IOS Digital Media Co in 2016. AD-IOS Digital Media was designed with a mission to create engaging content and to provide businesses with transparent digital analytics from website traffic that will empower them with the knowledge needed to forecast long term marketing goals that drive real conversions, leads, sales and increase their bottom line.
Working at the Local Newspaper in Strategic Digital Accounts  was Crystal’s previous position before starting AD-IOS. Being the fast learner she is, she moved from local sales to strategic (larger) accounts and become a lead sales rep very quickly. After learning everything the company was willing to offer about digital media, Crystal found herself needing to know more.
This is the point where the pursuit of starting AD-IOS originally began. Crystal was tired of the corporate overhaul, driving 2 hours in traffic everyday just to “check in” and missing precious time with her family. Leaving before dark, coming home after dark and having a deeper knowledge than her VP of Sales just wasn’t cutting it anymore. The original concept for AD-IOS was goodbye (ADIOS) to traditional media but later as AD-IOS evolved she realized that there will always be a need for traditional media it just must be properly targeted to a specific niche audience as well. “Businesses do not get larger marketing budgets for digital media; they have to take it from somewhere else.” Therefore, you see all traditional media companies like print, billboards, tv and radio selling digital media now. With the desire to learn more, came Google Certifications. Before Crystal knew it, she felt as though she knew more than her superiors at the newspaper but was paid far less. This is when she really started questioning what she was doing and how she could make the processes better for the clients. Having extremely close consulting relationships with several clients, she had the conversation about the desire to do it on her own and how to form a digital agency. This is when the first investor came to be. The founders of AD-IOS know the power of believing in something. Once Crystal had finalized a business plan and had conquered the courage to do what it takes for an entrepreneur and that first step was to walk away from a decent salary. This is when AD-IOS Digital Media Company became a reality. No more rush hour traffic and ungrateful corporate superiors, Crystal was now not only working the front end of sales but also customer service and all the back-end ad buys.The first year and a half AD-IOS operated from Crystal’s home office with one assistant. After the first year Crystal knew it was time to move out of her home space and to move into an office. This was the next leap of faith. This is also when Crystal met Lewis, her current partner. In sales and entrepreneurship you cannot be afraid of taking a risk as long as you believe in yourself.
At a networking event in the Spring of 2017 Crystal and Lewis were both speakers and both selling the same thing (or at least it appeared that way). To keep a long story short after many conversations Crystal and Lewis shook hands and decided to partner their companies and become one. Lewis was stronger in SEO and Website Development while Crystal was stronger in Paid Ads, business development, consulting, and the closing sale. Understanding and admitting their strengths and weaknesses was a game changer for all. It has been the perfect partnership. Lewis bought out the first investors and took their shares of ownership and the merge began. AD-IOS is going head first into the fourth-year, seeing a great growth pattern they are now working to expand their proven brand into 50 different states.




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