SEO & SEM in Layman Terms

SEO Process

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are very similar in some ways but are quite different in others. Most often it can be confusing and even overwhelming.

SEO is like a supercharging -per-click model where you can pay for terms, phrases and keywords as people search for and click on them, rendering the content on your site less relevant to your marketing campaign/budget. Keep in mind that you still have to pay for both because both SEO and SEM will enhance your organic growth, making your brand and website much more powerful for years to come.

In Laymen Terms

In the long run search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have a primary goal of delivering the end user (the person searching) the content they’re looking for FIRST. If you have a high bounce rate or users do not click through to your site then this can also effect your listing in a negative way. However keep in mind that sometimes high bounce rates can be because the person went to the page and immediately found the phone, email, or directions they may have been searching for and left immediately.

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If you are not using either of these solutions but you have a website, you must ask yourself why have a website if you are not showing up for the consumer when the “idea occurs”.  Websites and Online Marketing in general are not transactional or one and done.  With emerging technology changing daily you have to keep your site updated with new fresh content!


Many smaller local businesses believe that they can not compete with the national companies and that it cost too much, but I am hear to prove that theory wrong.  GIVE ME 30 minutes to learn about your organization and I will put together some scenarios based on your budget and lets see if we can get the phone ringing or orders rolling in.

Remember the last time you made a significant purchase, an idea occurred or what you were searching online last? 

Now think if you were that prospect.  Would your business show up?

Our Suggestion

If you have never purchased SEO on your site we would recommend starting here, we offer a PAY FOR PERFORMANCE MODEL, meaning you will not pay in full until your first phrase reaches googles first page.  Our fully customized pay for performance model will turn those clicks into converted sales.

For Example:

You search your keywords all the time but never click on your own site; Google may stop delivering your site first to you because they think it is irrelevant due to the many times you never clicked through to your own website.



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